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    New Nepal Legislation Dictates Proper Security on Customer Data

    The government in Nepal has pushed gambling houses to become stricter when taking in customers, in order to be sure of who they are welcoming inside the casino. This new law would push all casinos in Nepal to have a proper record of their visitors. Let’s take a look.  The latest gambling news is full […]

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    All you need to know about the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco

    To learn more about the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco, you’re in the right place. In this article, we will be uncovering the need-to-know features of the luxurious casino. What’s more, we will also brush on some of the historical reasons behind what makes Monte Carlo one of the greatest highlights in the gambling-world. Let’s […]

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    Betway Dismisses Reports of Belgian Gaming Commission Issues

    The most recent news reports suggest that the Belgian Gaming Commission has issued previous warnings to Betway. The online gambling site was coming under scrutiny for holding close links to illegal sites. However, just this week, Betway have dismissed these claims stating that they haven’t even been approached by the Belgian Gaming Commission. Let’s take […]

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    How much do you know about Native Americans and Casinos?

    If you’ve ever been wondering of ideally matched pairs, perhaps you can come up with a few. However, I believe that Native Americans and casinos in the US are a better love story than Twilight. That’s because of how successful they are and how they operate in a unique way to any other casinos in […]