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    Bank Australia Banned Gambling Transactions Via Their Credit Card

    After long consideration, Bank Australia banned gambling transactions that going through their system. The firm told their customers that from December of this year credit cards can't be used for any gambling-related cashflow. Let's take a closer look together what are the reasons behind this decision and how to gamble online in Australia from 2021.

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    Danger of Online Gambling – The Latest Scandal in the UK

    We here a lot of unfortunate stories about the unfortunate outcomes of problem gambling. This issue always had many aspects but nowadays we must also calculate with the danger of online gambling. Today we will talk about a sad story when a young man took his own life despite the caring of his loved ones. About his parents who are unhappy with the Gambling Emission's attitude. And about how we could prevent countless similar cases.

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    Prague Implements a Ban on Slot Machines

    Most countries are struggling with issues in connection with the lenient regulations on online gambling. However, the Czech Parlament implemented a ban on slot machines in land-based casinos and gaming paroles. Even more, this restriction includes all types of electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical gambling devices. Let's take a closer look at the prelude of this new measurement. Also, we will uncover how the land-based operators reflected on the new laws on slots.

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    Gambling Firms are Losing Their Spot Among Premier League Sponsors

    According to the latest announcements, many gambling firms won't appear in the next season as Premier League sponsors. This is the lowest number of betting sponsorships in the League since 2016. And probably, this number will continue to drop in the future. Let's take a closer look together at the actual sponsors, the overall statistics, the reasons behind the drop in numbers, and of course, at the possible outcomes.

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    UK Society Lotteries – The Gambling Commission’s Latest Regulations

    UK Society Lotteries are quite popular and much appreciated in Great Britan. Even more, the government also supports these generous forms of gambling. Since the earned money always has to help good purposes. In the reflection of the Society Lottery's great success, the UK Gambling Commission raised its limits. Anyhow, they also measured further regulations. Let's take a closer look, what are the new rules!

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    Spain Bans Gambling Sponsorship from the Next Football Season

    With the start of the next La Liga Spain bans gambling sponsorship on football and other sports events. Thus, football shirts and even stadium names can't contain the name of the betting firms anymore. However, if we take a glimpse at the bigger picture, these measurements indicate more than we would think for the first time.