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    Loot Boxes in the UK: Anticipated Measurements on the Table

    The UK Authorities paying a lot of attention to protect consumers. In the gambling industry this even more representative. However, there is a huge loophole to sell gambling products without the oversight of the Gambling Commission, even for children. So, there are many regulations on the table in connection with the loot boxes in the UK.

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    The Gambling Commission Oppose Loot Boxes

    The Gambling Commission has finally spoken out against Loot Boxes, with the Children’s Commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, calling for a greater regulation of micro transactions and loot boxes, she believes they need to be considered as gambling. Let’s take a look.  According to the report, Longfield would want to see loot boxes included in […]

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    Does a Function on Fifa 20 Count as Gambling?

    As Fifa 20 is preparing for it’s customary September launch, many concerns have been raised concerning the Ultimate Team function, in which players collect players and trade with each other in order to generate coins within the game to buy the best players in the game. Let’s take a look. Previously, Fifa has had the […]

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    Belgium Ban Fifa Points after Months of Talks

    In this article, we’ll be heading over to Belgium and how, after months of discussions, Electronic Arts (EA) have decided to agree to ban Fifa Points on the seasonal Fifa 19 game. The Belgium government had already stated that mystery or loot boxes are a form of gambling but on last week did EA decide […]