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Play Bingo to Donate to the American Red Cross: The Good, the Fun, and the Lucky

usa flagBingoHall Fuel of Life
Bonus TypeBig cash prizes, with the money accumulated in the Fusion Room Jackpot to be donated to the American Red Cross!
Bonus2 Coveralls/hour prizes up to $5000 on the first 50 calls
Dancing prizes between $250 and $500
High low prizes of $75 and $150
Starting prizes of $150
2-Part games with prizes up to $300
Bonus CodeNone
Valid ThroughJanuary
Restricted CountriesCosta Rica, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Israel, Ukraine

Ever wanted to donate to the American Red Cross, but were too busy playing fun online games over at BingoHall’s amazing website? Well, now you can combine having an enjoyable time, doing the right thing, and winning money, all at the same time.

January is the National American Blood Donor Month, so BingoHall (read our review here) are offering to donate to the American Red Cross all the money collected in their Fusion Room Jackpot game. And if doing the right thing is not motivation enough, the offer comes with lucrative prizes throughout the month.

BingoHall members joining the event can win 2 Coveralls/hour with prizes up to $5000 on the first 50 calls, dancing prizes between $250 and $500, high low prizes of $75 and $150, 2-part games with prizes up to $300, and, best of all, a number of starting prizes of $150.

As per the BingoHall website, the online bingo Fusion Room is open every day from 9 AM to 11 AM and 8 PM to 11 PM, and, since Fuel of Life is a charitable event, each card you buy would increase the total amount that BingoHall would donate to the American Red Cross at the end of the month.

To quote The Huffington Post, “Getting stuck with an IV may not seem appealing when you’re already braving dropping temperatures and winter’s sniffles, but this is precisely the time when blood donation centers need you most.”

But is donating blood the only way to donate to the American Red Cross? Well, if you’ve read our piece so far (which we hope you did — there’s a reason we come up with all this great content for you daily, you know), then you’d be aware that, no, there are other, less painful ways to support the good cause. So if you don’t feel like donating blood during the National American Blood Donor Month, remember: you can still contribute.

Create your BingoHall account to play, win money, and help make the world a better place today!

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