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The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings Top 10


The most fascinating casino buildings of the globe are here to amuse you. Are you ready for a virtual tour to the most exciting casino buildings of the history? Every one of them are really worth visiting once in a lifetime since they are distinguished for their luxurious construction.

The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 1 Luxor, Las Vegas

the most fascinating casino buildings

Image Credit: lasvegasdirect

The first destination of our most fascinating casino buildings tour leads us to the Egyptian style casino resort to Las Vegas, Nevada. The whole casino is a 30- story Pyramid-shaped fabulous construction offering wide range of luxurious services. The building is operating as a popular wedding venue and has over 4.400 fancy rooms.

The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 2 Casino Lisboa, Macau

the most fascinating casino buildings

Image Credit: macaucasinos

Casino Lisboa is one of the most popular casino buildings of Macau. The tower and the casino were built in 70’s originally with 12 floors. By 2010, the casino has become a 2362-room venue with extremely modern surroundings. The casino offers table games mainly, however slot machine fans would also find what they like.

The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 3 Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

the most fascinating casino buildings

Image Credit: 6iee

Marina Bay Sands was developed by Las Vegas Sands considered to be the most expensive casino property all over the world. However, not only the most expensive but also definitely one of the most peculiar one. The integrated resort is fronting Marina Bay in Singapore includes a hotel with over  2500 rooms, an exhibition center, a museum and theaters. And the coolest thing is the 340-metre-long SkyPark on the top of the building with a commanding swimming pool providing a spectacular view to the city.

The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 4 Sun City Resort & Casino, South Africa

Image Credit: thousandwonders

Image Credit: thousandwonders

Our next destination is the African style Sun City Resort Casino in South Africa, near to Johannesburg. The property was built in 1979 and it is as popular nowadays as it was at the beginning. The resort has several great offers including the valley of waves, safari and wildlife, shopping facilities and many others. The resort is a leading hotel of the world styled in African colors and architectural features. With its zebra-hide furniture and verdant gardens the complex is a real oasis in South Africa.

The Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 5 The Venetian Resort, Macau

venetian macau1

Image Credit: famouscasinos

This casino is a mixture of the standard lavish casino style and the Venetian lifestyle set in Macau, China.  The building is an Italian-themed casino hotel with artificial canals and gondola rides. It has a sister casino resort in Las Vegas, named the Venetian Las Vegas. The Venetian Resort in Macau is not only the largest casino in the world but also the largest single structure hotel in Asia.

The 10 Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 6 Monte Carlo

Image Credit: media.mnn

Image Credit: media.mnn

The Monte Carlo Casino located in Monaco is officially named Casino de Monte Carlo. The building is famous for its’ legendary interior decoration and for the prestigious guests. The property consists of two hotels –Hotel de Paris and Casino de Monte – both are popular venues of gamblers.

And what is the connection between the James Bond novel and Casino de Monte? The hotel served as the setting of the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale.

The 10 Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 7 Casino de Genting, Malaysia

Image Credit: .vyctrave

Image Credit: .vyctravel

This bright colored casino building is more than just a gambling venue. With 29 restaurants and theme parks, museums and a wind-turbine sky diving simulator it is one of the beloved places in the field of both, gambling and travelling. Located 6000 feet above the sea level employing over 13,000 people this place is a must see resort.

The 10 Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 8 Casino Baden, Germany

Image Credit: timetravelturtle

Image Credit: timetravelturtle

Based on early urban legends, players in this casino used real gold and silver chips on the roulette table. The gambling salons of the casino was named after famous historical personalities, like the Madame Pompadour room which was named in honor of a mistress of Louis XV. Spectacular architecture and remarkable design are the main features of Casino Baden.

The 10 Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 9 Atlantis Resort Casino, Bahamas

Image Credit: images.trvl-media

Image Credit: images.trvl-media

Exotic venue surrounded by exotic environment on the Bahamas. You can enter the casino on a real Crystal Gate made of 2,000 pieces of hand blown glass. Except gambling, there are many other things to do there, as there is also a water park, aquariums and dolphin habitat.

The 10 Most Fascinating Casino Buildings NR 10 Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort, Morocco

Image Credit: gogolfholidays

Image Credit: gogolfholidays

This exclusive casino golf hotel offers over 450 slot machines and table games along with English roulette blackjack and baccarat. The place is located one hour from Casablanca and it is a golf resort too, with a wonderful view to the Atlas Mountains.

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