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Win a PS4 in the Finnish Guts Raffle


Here’s a good one for all you Finns who like placing bets. There’s a new Finnish Guts raffle with an awesome prize. Fifa 19 and a PlayStation 4! So what do you have to do to take part in such an event? Follow the simple instructions below to find out. 

Before we check out all the necessary components in making up the Guts raffle, why not check out the latest online gambling news. On that page, you’ll be able to keep up to date with all the hottest gambling-related current stories.

Voita PlayStation 4 in the Finnish Guts Raffle

So how may you be so fortunate? Simple. All you have to do is place a minimum 5 Euro bet and you’ll automatically have a raffle ticket. What’s more, you’re allowed as many tickets as you want. For example, if you place 25 Euro’s on 5 different tickets (for 5 Euro each) you’ll have 5 raffle tickets.

All of that, and should you be the lucky one, you’ll have a brand new PlayStation 4 with the hot Fifa 19 game to go with it.

Keep in mind this campaign is only for Finnish customers or people living in the country.

Log-in now to be one of the many with a ticket in the Finnish Guts Raffle campaign.

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