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Take part in the Casino Olympics


If you are a sports fan or an enthusiast of real competitions, why not compete in the Casino Olympics? Hosted by ShadowBet Casino, the games take place from February 9th until judgement day on the 25th. Glory awaits the most prestigious players!

If you are aiming to win extra spins or cash, head over to the online casino. The long-lasting competition is the first to be added to the latest gambling news. With daily prizes and the overall Casino Olympics Cash Prizes on the line, you might find the olive wreath placed on your head, “The Champion of the Casino Olympics”.

What you need to know about the Casino Olympics

Take a look at the requirements for the journey to becoming the ultimate conqueror of ShadowBet Casino. Firstly, each Jack Pot will host a daily competition that will befall on a specific game. Whilst competing with other players, a discipline will be set for fulfilment. The top 10 players are rewarded with free spins and Olympic points should they complete the discipline. These points count solely for the inclusive Casino Olympics Cash Prizes.

Can you become the Casino Olympics Champion?

What are the Disciplines in the Casino Olympics?

There are 4 disciplines of which one will be chosen for the daily competition. Here is what you need to know about the disciplines to aim for the top 10:

  • Most Wagered: Which players can wager the most on the Daily game.
    Wager the most on the daily game, and claim your Rewards and Glory
  • Most spins: Which players can do the most spins on the Daily game.
    Do the most spins on the daily game, and claim your Rewards and Glory
  • Most winnings: Which players can win the most on the Daily game. Losing bets are disregarded and only winning bets are counted.
    Win the most on the daily game and claim your Rewards and Glory
  • Biggest win: Which players can win the biggest amount on 1 bet on the Daily game.
    Win the most on one single bet, and claim your Rewards and Glory

In contest for magnificence, be sure to log-in now to ShadowBet Casino to take part. The Olympic torch is waiting to be set alight for the true champion of the Casino Olympics.

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