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    Sports Betting in the Distant Future

    In this always changing industry, it is hard to make predictions in the long-term. However, based on the consumers' behavior and the market trends we can see how sports betting in the distant future will look like. Will the land-based betting shops make it in the modern age? The difficulties of Q1 and Q2 can give us a clearer image of the fate of bookies and about which the permanent aspects of wagering. Let's take a closer look together!

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    Quote Roll: April 5, 2016 – Gambling Quotes of the Week

    Gambling quotes of the week are here to reveal the gambling secrets of Nicole Kidman, the connection between football and betting, the link between problem gambling and other psychological problems, and other issues which marked the beginning of spring in the gambling world. One of the most shocking gambling news of the week came from […]

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    Live Odds Betting Advertisements Banned in New South Wales

    From March 2016, the state government of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia will prohibit advertisements of live odds betting on television and radio at the time of sports broadcasts spanning less than four hours, such as NRL, AFL, cricket and football. The rule will not be applicable for Test cricket or golf tournament coverage […]