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    Female Problem Gamblers – A Brand New Aspect of a Well Known Issue

    Men and women are very different in countless questions. Gambling is not an expectation. Not just the stereotypes but how the psychology of wagering affects male and female bettors. Many studies have proven that female gamblers can be way more successful than men. However, today we will inspect the other side of the shield and talk about female problem gamblers. There are more of them than you would think for the first time, and they don't achieve the necessary attention.

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    Can the UK Expect Further Gambling Regulations in 2020?

    The UK Gambling Commission did a lot of measurements to protect UK gamblers. However, the odds are against them. Since they found out from the latest researches that problem gambling can be way more serious in the country than the expected. Thus, it seems like we will face further gambling regulations in 2020 to protect people in need.

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    The New Forms of Problem Gambling and the Anticipated Solutions

    Problem gambling has always been a big issue in the UK or basically everywhere around the globe. However, this issue is not a thing that anyone can solve in a couple of days. Throughout history, there was always a popular form to lose all your money with venturing. Nowadays, the most prevailing forms of problem gambling are caused by online platforms and advertisements.

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    Deadwood Creator David Milch Gambled $100m Away

    David Milch, Deadwood Creator and well-known American writer and TV series producer has earned a fortune thanks to his successful career in Hollywood. Good for him, as you might say, however according to The Hollywood Reporter, he gambled away nearly all of his money. The former English literature professor of Yale is suffering from serious gambling addiction. We […]