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Oktoberfest Casino Bonus: Collect 10% up to £100 During the Beer Festival


usa flag restrictedOktoberfest Casino Bonus
Bonus TypeNo Deposit Bonus
Prize10% up to £100
Selected Games None
Bonus CodeNone
Wagering Requirements15x
Valid untilSeptember 28, 2016
Restricted CountriesIsrael, Estonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Hong Kong, the United States of America (and its territories) and, solely in respect of any live casino games whilst being provided in the Philippines.

Opt in for the most exclusive beer festival in the world and earn yourself some money for your efforts with Oktoberfest Casino Bonus!

Grab 10% up to £100 as you’re playing some of the most exciting games and enjoying a cold beer from your sofa at William Hill Casino! But just make sure to claim the Oktoberfest Casino Bonus ASAP; this offer expires on 23:59 this Wednesday (September 28), so opt in to claim the up to £100!

There are only two, simple steps to collect the Oktoberfest Casino Bonus; you need to have at least £40 on your account and have played at least 40 games/spins at William Hill Casino. That’s it! And after that, the online casino will credit your account with the bonus that can be used on any of the 300+ games in the portfolio.

(For more info about the online casino, take a look at William Hill Casino Review at ambling Herald.)

Use the funds that you get from the Oktoberfest Casino Bonus to earn even more money on the amazing ‘reel’ games with the online casino. Have fun with the games and collect enough money to visit Munich (that’s in Germany, in case you didn’t know) to experience all the festivities live!

Check out the hot girls (but don’t touch! unless they say you can…) and make sure to sample as many beers as possible; before you know it everyone and everything you set your eyes on will appear endearing to you, so be careful not find yourself kissing a beautiful Bavarian girl, when in reality you’re actually kissing a horses arse.

Forbes lists 14 essential beers that a ‘must-try’ for this year’s festival, so opt in with William Hill Casino today and claim your Oktoberfest Casino Bonus to get to experience this!

Adam Vavrick – a famous beer connoisseur – explains in short how Oktoberfest offers today and how it came to be. “Since 1810, the Germans have been whooping it up each fall – drawing millions of visitors who come to dance, play carnival games, eat and consume enormous amounts of beer while celebrating the wedding of a long-dead Bavarian prince. And German brewing history is as varied as it is old, with evidence of brewing going back to the Bronze Age.”

Opt in ASAP and earn 10% up to £100 with the Oktoberfest Casino Bonus before the offer expires on Wednesday (September 28)!

Claim Your Prize!

Claim your Oktoberfest Casino Bonus!

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