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It is Time to Win a Nissan Versa Sedan at BingoHall


usa flag restrictedCrazy Car Chase
Bonus TypeGiveaway
PrizeNissan Versa Sedan
Selected RoomMain Room and other selected rooms
Bonus CodeNo need
Valid untilAugust 31, 2016 Midnight (EST)
Restricted CountriesAfghanistan, Guinea-Bissau, Somalia, American Samoa, Haiti, Angola, Hong Kong, Sudan, Belgium, Iran, Syria, Burundi, Iraq, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Israel, Turkey, Chad, Libya, Turkmenistan, Chinese Taipei, Martinique, United States of America, Congo Republic, Monaco, US Virgin Islands, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Uzbekistan, Eritrea, Netherlands, Venezuela, France, North Korea, Yemen, French Guyana, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Guadeloupe, Puerto Rico, Guam, Singapore, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy or Romania


BingoHall players win a Nissan Versa Sedan simply playing online bingo at the popular online gambling destination. Play the popular online bingo games of BingoHall, have a brand-new car by the end of August.

Popular online bingo heaven BingoHall has altered the concept of online bingo promotion with the new Crazy Car Chase promotion. Play online bingo for money to win yourself a brand-new Nissan Versa Sedan. Yes, it is that easy.

Of course, winning such a high-tech car requires some challenge as there are more online bingo fans racing for the grand prize. Find yourself a place among the top 40 players and make it to the big final of the Crazy Car Chase Online Bingo Tournament.

How to Win a Nissan Versa Sedan at BingoHall

There will be different online bingo tournaments throughout August. Find a place among the top players until the big final to keep your chances alive to win a Nissan Versa Sedan. In the big final you will need to face the best online bingo players of BingoHall. Beat ‘em all and enjoy having a new Nissan for free. Moreover, the money you win throughout the tournament will be yours. It means that you can hit the jackpot and become rich and also win a Nissan Versa Sedan at the same time.

First tournament takes place between 7-9 pm (EST) every day until the 25th of August. Play online bingo at BingoHall Main Room and win as many games you can. If you can manage to be in the top 160 players, you will go through the next round.

The second round takes places on the 27th and 28th of August between 6 and 9 pm (EST). There are four different rooms in this round. All you have to do is being among the top 40 players to play absolutely free. The best thing is that successful players will pay less to play. The higher you rank, the less you need to pay.

The third round is on the 29th of August, between 7 and 10 pm (EST). In this round, the top 40 players will win tickets for the final round in which a brand-new Nissan Versa Sedan is waiting for the successful winner.

August 31st is the date of the Grand Finale. Top 40 players who have managed to make it to the final will clash between 6 pm to the midnight (EST). The winner of the most games over the whole tournament will win a Nissan Versa Sedan.

As we already mentioned that all the money you win during the tournament will also be yours. You can simply hit the jackpot and scoop incredible cash prizes while racing for the awesome grand prize of Nissan Versa Sedan.

BingoHall No Deposit Bonus Grants $60 Free

If you are looking for ways to play free online bingo and win real money no deposit required, here is your chance. BingoHall grants exclusive $60 free no deposit bonus upon signup for Gambling Herald readers. There amazing prices and no risk. BingoHall is among the best online bingo sites which dish out lucrative prizes.

Join BingoHall now to grab your online bingo no deposit bonus and race to win a Nissan Versa Sedan. If you want to learn more about the popular online bingo site, read our detailed BingoHall review.

Win Nissan Versa Sedan!

Win your Nissan Versa Sedan at BingoHall!

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