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Adventure on the Fantastic Creatures Promotion at Slotocash Casino


Do you believe in the Loch-Ness Monster? Or are you a dinosaur fanatic? Or perhaps, you believe animals and magic are the perfect match. Why not all three of these scenarios? Why not experience the Fantastic Creatures Promotion at Slotocash Casino with an additional big fat bonus on top. Let’s take a look at what all the hype is about for players. 

The Fantastic Creatures promotion will be running until the 15th of May. Using Slotocash Casino, the online gambling site will be hosting this special event. The promotion will bring three different bonuses into the spotlight. Take a look at the latest online gambling news for other top most recent stories.

Fantastic Creatures Promotion at Slotocash Casino

By depositing a minimum of $25, players will be able to enjoy the benefits of the promotion. There is a total of 350 Free Spins there for the taking. The first bonus to be announced is when players bark on the journey with a magic panda.

-Game: Panda Magic – 100% Bonus + 50 Free Spins — COUPON CODE: FANTASTIC-1

Next up, is everyone’s favourite mythical creature, the Loch-Ness monster. His fantasy road will lead you to an additional 100 Free Spins.

-Game: Loch Ness Loot – 150% Match + 100 Free Spins — COUPON CODE: FANTASTIC-2

Last but no least, is the Jurassic gamble to the prehistoric dinosaurs. The once ruling beasts were all in fear of the major predator,  the T-Rex. Finally on the Fantastic Creatures promotion is a voyage back to the Jurassic era.

-Game: T-Rex – 200 Free Spins! — COUPON CODE: FANTASTIC-200

All these games will be available on Slotocash Casino, the site which is sponsoring the Fantastic Creatures promotion. Log-in now for a chance to win using these bonuses which are due to expire on the 15th of May.

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