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    Here’s the Best Bits Making Up Casumo’s 2018

    It’s always interesting to see an end-of-the-year review especially when it is brought into light highlighting the best bits. Well, for a huge gambling operator like Casumo, their year turns out to have been quite brilliant. The bigger question is will they be able to carry on this style into 2019? Before that though, let’s […]

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    Prairie Meadows Racetrack Becomes New Partner of William Hill

    In this latest article, we’ll be taking a look at how Prairie Meadows Racetrack partnered up with William Hill. In this newly formed partnership, what can be expected in the near future? Well, the two will be working together in the state of Iowa. We’ll be taking a look at all the details below. Let’s […]

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    Governor Charlie Baker Plans to Legalise Sports Betting

    In this article, we’ll be heading over to Boston, Massachusetts where governor Charlie Baker is trying to introduce sports betting to the commonwealth. Unfortunately for him, there are risks in the way which advisors are warning him of. Let’s take a look at the story as a whole. If you’ve been following the latest online […]

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    Bishop in the UK Explains his Fury at Children Gambling

    In today’s story, we have heard that Dr Alan Smith, the bishop of St Albans, has spoken of his fury in today’s society. With children gambling as well as many adults also falling into the trap of addiction, it’s not all that difficult to see why. Let’s take a look at it. If you follow […]

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    Campaigners are pushing for gambling addiction to become a public health issue

    Just this week, there’s been many calls by several campaigners for stronger betting regulations concerning gambling. What’s being the highlight is changing gambling addiction to a public health issue. This comes after a survey from the University of Bath shows that many people involved in sports between the ages of 18-35 are involved with gambling. […]

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    Already 5,000 Gambling sites Blocked in Russia in 2019

    Although the New Year was only a couple of weeks ago, the Russian progress on gambling sites within the country is still going strong. In only 23 days, there’s already been 5,000 online gambling sites blocked in Russia this year. This is a continuation of last year’s stunning results. Let’s take a look. Back in […]

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    Have you tried January’s Promoted Reel Race at Casumo?

    If you’re after a bit of fun and a way to win even more loot, trying the Promoted Reel Race at Casumo might be just the right thing for you. The main event races, which happen every week, are a sure-fire way to increase your chances of winning bigger prizes. Monday to Saturday is full […]

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    Could the government actually ban Credit Cards in gambling?

    Within the UK, there is a move being brought up which would effectively see no more credit cards being used in the gambling industry. Lead by Jeremy Wright, the culture secretary, this move would affect billions of pounds worth of bets a year. The Gambling Commission will call a launch for the topic in February. […]