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Best Gambling Books in Different Genres from Guidebook to Novel


Although there are many brilliant books about gambling, we collected some of the most peculiar pieces. The five best gambling books on our ranking includes a mixture of guidebook, history biography, science and novel. We hope all needs will be satisfied by the wide range of readings.

Best Gambling Books Nr1: The Compleat Gamester by Charles Cotton (1674)

This book is definitely one of the best gambling books. Written for complete beginners describing the instructions of twenty card games. We can call it as a guide book in the gambling field but it’s more than just that. Written in 1674 Compleat Gamester still has many things to say and teach you. Since the piece was written over 300 ago, use of language can cause surprises. However, who cares if there is a book by which you can become the king of chess or baccarat and even the queen of poker. To be honest you can be a king of anything you read about in 19 th-century English novels.

Best Gambling Books Nr2: Roll the Bones by David Schwartz (2006)

If you are keen on reading historical books, Roll the Bones is for you. It guides you through the history of gambling from the primordial era. David Schwartz, not only the author of this brilliant book but also the director of the Center for Gaming Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. He found out that gambling was a natural part of life for our ancestors too. Obviously not in its current form in Vegas, but risk taking was an important part of life. Encountering questions like ‘is it safe to leave the cave or not’ affected everyday life of people.

Best Gambling Books Nr3: Lay the Favorite by Beth Raymer (2010)

Those who can’t deal with science and history and rather prefer biography, there is a not-to miss offer. As a sport gambling expert, Beth Raymer, the author leads us the underworld of sports betting and bookies. Since he spent over 20 years working as an agent at a bookmaker, the voice of the book is embarrassingly honest sometimes. The piece is a snapshot of living with gambling addiction on a daily basis, winning and losing money and being tricky as a bookmaker.

Best Gambling Book Nr4: What’s Luck Got to Do with It?: The History, Mathematics, and Psychology of the Gambler’s Illusion by Joseph Mazur (2010)

The next piece from the five best books on gambling is for those who have rather the scientific temper. If something, this piece I would definitely choose to read about this topic. Simply amazing book because it explains mathematics behind gambling. Moreover, makes you understand the law of probability, statistics and the law of large numbers. At the same time describes both, the emotional and the psychological factors that people put in winning. Altogether it is a lively and eye-opening piece about the mathematics and psychological factors of gambling.

Best Gambling Books Nr5: Dark Eye by William Bernhardt (2005)

And finally here is a novel among the best gambling books if this is the only genre you read. This book is full of excitement and called as the novel of suspense. While trying to solve the puzzles of the mysterious events which set in Las Vegas, the book amuses you with unexpected twists. A police and a psychologist are cooperating in their investigations about a murder case. But do they find the solution? You should find it out on your own.

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