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    Loot Boxes in the UK: Anticipated Measurements on the Table

    The UK Authorities paying a lot of attention to protect consumers. In the gambling industry this even more representative. However, there is a huge loophole to sell gambling products without the oversight of the Gambling Commission, even for children. So, there are many regulations on the table in connection with the loot boxes in the UK.

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    The New Forms of Problem Gambling and the Anticipated Solutions

    Problem gambling has always been a big issue in the UK or basically everywhere around the globe. However, this issue is not a thing that anyone can solve in a couple of days. Throughout history, there was always a popular form to lose all your money with venturing. Nowadays, the most prevailing forms of problem gambling are caused by online platforms and advertisements.

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    What’s the Deal With Loot Boxes? – Is It Gambling or Not?

    Day by day the loot boxes are taken more and more seriously. Some people say these forms of virtual products can cause harm to customers. Even more, as the biggest audience of the video games which offers these chests are mostly targeting teenagers and children. Anyhow, even responsible customers love it. Are loot boxes gambling? Should loot boxes be regulated or completely banned? Let's take a closer look together.