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    What’s the Deal With Loot Boxes? – Is It Gambling or Not?

    Day by day the loot boxes are taken more and more seriously. Some people say these forms of virtual products can cause harm to customers. Even more, as the biggest audience of the video games which offers these chests are mostly targeting teenagers and children. Anyhow, even responsible customers love it. Are loot boxes gambling? Should loot boxes be regulated or completely banned? Let's take a closer look together.

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    Online Poker Games Face a Threat According to CEO of Global Poker Index

    (Image credit: ReadyForZero Blog) The current chief executive of Global Poker Index and Global Poker League, Alexandre Dreyfus, believes that online poker games are threatened by other gaming options available to users online. He is specifically referring to popular online fantasy card game Hearthstone and other online video games that millions of players go to […]