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    Illegal Online Lotteries in Maharashtra Face Tax Fraud Charges

    Illegal online lotteries in Maharashtra are facing tax fraud charges as the account officer and assistant commissioner Sneha Narvekar revealed that almost $150 million tax evaded by the six Indian online lotto operators. According to the latest Indian online lottery news, account officer and commissioner Sneha Narvekar found out the illegal operations of six online […]

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    National Lottery Jackpot Grants £32m to a Couple

    The mystique date, 13th proved to be the luckiest one for the thrilled couple who won an incredible £32 million with National lottery jackpot. Peterborough couple won the big prize of National Lottery Jackpot which was the second biggest jackpot in this month. Moreover, they are the 85th lotto millionaires since October. Image credit: The Telegraph It seems that they were the ‘lucky ones’ […]