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    Hits n Folds: May 9 – May 13

    Hits – Online Gambling News Turkish National Lottery (Milli Piyango) Looking to Become Privatized in the near Future The bigger the better! (“That’s what she said…”) But for the sake of Turkish lottery players, we’re keeping our fingers crossed the privatization doesn’t lead to a hike in prices, or a reduction in the prize pot […]

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    Hits’n Folds: March 28 – April 01

    Hits – Online Gambling News Oculus Rift – the Future of Online Gambling (Image credit: ZME Science) Imagine you’re at home on your sofa, eating chips and drinking beer, wishing you would be in a casino right now. Playing online casinos on your laptop is not the same thing, as you’d rather experience the real […]

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    Hits’n Folds: March 14 – March 18

    Hits – Online Gambling News Wynn Everett Casino set to be Completed by 2019 (Image credit: Wynn Everett) Woohoo! Another awesome gambling center is being built by Steve Wynn that I can visit when I travel to the States. We all know that it will feature tons of slot machines, table games and other similar […]