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    Andhra Pradesh Gambling Laws – The Cabinet Banned Online Gambling

    Today we will take a look at the latest changes in the Andhra Pradesh gambling laws. The Cabinet's new restrictions regarding online gambling and many other mobile applications are mostly about the protection of children. By the way, anyone who dares to operate or play with online gaming platforms can expect a serious punishment. Years in jail.

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    Is Indian Poker Sites Real Money Wagering Legal?

    Players who are interested in Indian poker sites real money wagering have been in a crucial dilemma as the legality of online gambling is still obscure in the country. Recently, the most debated issue in the Indian gambling industry is whether Indian poker sites real money wagering is legal or not. Despite the fact that […]

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    Maharashtra Gambling Laws May be Changed to Legalize Gambling

    India’s third-largest state Maharashtra is about to hit the jackpot if the law makers in the state decide to change Maharashtra Gambling Laws in order to legalize gambling in the state. According to latest online gambling news, Maharashtra, which is known for the splendid city of Mumbai, is about to welcome new casinos if the […]