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    The Home, the Office and the Gambling – Home Office in the Gambling Industry

    As in many aspects of life, the world of gambling has significantly changed during the past months. Most of the revenues dropped while some markets were reborn from their ashes or started their anticipated raise. Anyhow, no one really talks about the workers of the industry, how the home office rewrites their everyday. Let's take a closer look at how the world of gambling manages these unexpected challenges. Even more, we will tell you tips, how to stay fit and tuned during the home office in this always changing industry.

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    Decreasing Lottery Sales in China

    Lottery sales in China shows a decreasing pattern since 2014 and this trend still has not changed during the first month of 2016. Lottery sales in China fell by 10% in 2015 November to RMB30.63bn, so China’s Ministry of Finance announced that the total lottery sales decreased by 9.8% between 2014 – 2015 September. The […]

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    Scientific Reason for Gambling

    Researchers of Stanford Neurosciences Institute have revealed an important part of the unsolved mystery in the field of the possible background reason for gambling. According to the latest study published in the journal Neuron it became possible to answer this question: Why do people gamble? Presumably because of the connection between the two particular part of […]