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    AIGF Appeals to the PM to Legalize Sports Betting in India

    Newly founded All Indian Gaming Federation (AIGF) has appealed to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to legalize sports betting in India. They wrote a letter to the PM explaining why the India should legalize sports betting in the near future. According to the latest online gambling news, All India Gaming Federation (AIGF) is a new […]

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    Floating Casinos in Goa Refuse Relocation Offer

    Floating Casinos in Goa have indicated their opposition to the proposition regarding their relocation. Increasing concerns over the ascending power of the casino magnates in Goa are seem to be the main reasons behind the relocation plans of the floating casinos in Goa. Image Credit: Casino Carnival India’s tourist haven Goa is an important gambling […]

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    Supreme Court of India Upholds Kerala Ban on Online Lotteries

    From this Thursday, India’s individual states can ban online lotteries based in other states from serving their residents, according to the recent decision of India’s Supreme Court. The southwestern state of Kerala has already prohibited all lotteries in the state from January 2005. Three months later, they made a revision that permits state-run paper lottery […]