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    Family Programs in Macau – The New Era of the Gambling Empire

    Huge changes are on the table. In reflection of the continuous revenue drop, the city-lead came up with a fascinating but controversial idea. They plan to reform tourism in the region. If the changes will be real, we can expect family programs in Macau instead of the most luxurious wagering options. Still, before they make the decision they will open a Public Debate on the 2nd of November. Can't wait to see how this will shake out!

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    Macau’s VIP Gambling Market is About to Cry For Help

    Macau’s VIP gambling market is in trouble, since the latest figures says, that Macau’s casino gaming revenue fell 34.3% in 2015 and hit an annual low again, since 2010. As it is seen from the latest statistics released by the Gaming Inspection Coordination Bureau (DICJ), the total casino gaming revenue has decreased by 27% from […]

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    Macau Gaming Revenue at a Shocking 5-Year-Low

    By the end of 2015, Macau Gaming Revenue fell to a new annual low in 5 years according to Macau’s Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. The only place on Chinese territory where gambling is legal, Macau quickly became the Vegas of the East, attracting rich guests from all over the world until the Chinese authorities finally caught up to speed. […]