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    Premier League Resumes on the 17th of June

    Sports lovers, sportsbooks, or anyone who ever watched sports in the UK, we have important news. The British Premier League resumes in the middle of next month, on the 17th of June. Let's take a closer look at what are the expectations for the return of our beloved football league.

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    Australian Rugby League Will Resume on the 28th of May

    Like most of the sports events around the globe, the Australian Rugby League has been called off in March as well. Anyhow, we see the light at the end of the tunnel as the Australian authorities let the show go on. The mighty players can return to the fields for the official matches from the 28th of May.

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    British Horse Racing Season Will Resume First Among the Other Sports in the UK

    The British Horse Racing Season has been suspended just like any other sports events around the world. Anyhow, slowly life returns to the sports world's veins. Soon we can celebrate the phenomenons just like we did a couple of months ago. Anyhow, the UK Government will only ease the measurements when they are sure there is no more significant danger. Thus, the resume in Great Britan will happen a bit later than in the other European countries.

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    Resume of Sports Events in the UK Won’t Happen Before June

    The UK Government plans to do the first measures to start recovering the everyday life of England on the 13th of May. The plan is that in three stages they will ease the restrictions when there is no danger anymore. In stage two, we can expect the resume of sports events in the UK. Of course, behind closed doors and with strict Health & Safety rules. Anyhow, according to the authorities that won't happen before the 1st of June.