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Here’s our Online Casino Guide for Beginners


Starting a journey in the deep online gambling market can often seem tricky for beginners. You may feel lost by all the different online casinos or not get the hang of how bonuses and promotions work. But fear not. We’ve created our very own online casino guide to help you down the way. Let’s jump straight into it. 

As the interactive casino market is ever-growing, here are a few tips which could make life easier. We hope that by reading the guide below, you’ll have a more clear understanding of how virtual gambling functions.

Before we clarify each aspect, let’s remind you of our latest online gambling news page. On that page, you’ll find all the hottest stories happening in the gambling world. Not only that, but you may find helpful tricks to enhance your game. Why not check out our article on the gambling dictionary or the useful poker chip tricks.

Breaking Down the Online Casino Guide

Casino Bonuses

First up, the concept of Casino Bonuses. Such bonuses are generated at many different online casinos. They are used to enhance your gaming experience, whilst also giving additional perks. They’re usually given to an exclusive group of players, but you may check our promotions and bonuses page for yourself.

What can you expect from casino bonuses? We’ve drawn up various types below.

A casino bonus can:

  • boost one’s gaming balance
  • award free spins
  • return some money to those who have suffered some losses

However, to be able to use such perks, you’ll have to complete certain requirements. The next important lesson is to always read the terms and conditions for the promotion you wish to claim.

Types of Promotions

Next up, the various forms of promotions. Now, we’ll take you through 3 different forms of promotions in a nutshell. But once again, we must stress the point of looking at the terms and conditions.

No-deposit bonus: This is a type of promotion where new players can play for free. Without actually depositing any real money, beginners will have the chance to try out games without the risk. As delightful as it may seem, these bonuses are usually met with high wagering requirements. Also, if you would like to cash out your winnings, you’ll have to first make a deposit into your gaming account

Welcome bonus: Another one-time offer, a welcome bonus is only available for newcomers. In some cases, this may match several of a players’ initial deposits. It is always good to take a look at welcome bonuses a casino offers if you wish to credit your account with real money. This type of bonus usually comes with wagering requirements and a playthrough which you must complete before cashing out your welcome bonus.

Re-load bonus: Finally, the re-load bonus may be part of a welcome package or can match deposits made by a player who has been playing for a while. These are usually informed on web-based casinos and you may find them also on our page, Gambling Herald. They usually come with wagering requirements that must be met prior to a withdrawal.

It is certainly a positive to check if you may receive a bonus if you refer-a-friend. The online market is a friendly one for players who invite more punters.

Tips for Choosing the Best Bonus

To close off our online casino guide, we’ve written some basic guidelines in choosing which bonus suits you best. There’s a number of strategies you should be on the look-out for.

  • Terms and Conditions: Before going in on a promotional bonus, always take a look at the terms and conditions. By doing so, you’ll be able to decide whether that promotion will be advantageous to you or not.
  • Wagering Requirements: Another factor, is respecting the wagering requirements. You will not be able to cash out until these requirements are met. These are important for both the deposit and the match bonus. Obviously, the less wagering, the better.
  • Deposit Method: As payment is highly important for your online adventure, make sure your deposit method will allow you to claim the casino’s promotional offer.
  • Expiration Period: Last but not least, make sure you have enough time for taking advantage of such promotions given the expiration period. If a promotion is about to finish and you have wagering requirements, be sure that you’ll be able to finish before the deadline if you wish to cash-in on some profits.

With all that has been justified in our online casino guide, we hope that reading this will grant a more fruitful experience for you beginners in your virtual casino experiment.


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