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    The Art of Deception: Masks, Costumes and Intrigue in Casino Gambling

      Deception is the quickest path to riches in the world of casino gambling. Here are a few memorable examples of casino deceivers, actors and cheats.   Gambling is many things. Part hard-earned skill; part luck. But the most interesting part of gambling is that of deception. Throughout the centuries of casino gambling the art […]

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    Pennsylvania Online Gambling: Can it be Successful?

    The popularity of online gambling is on the rise and government officials are aware of the trend. Many states are experiencing financial troubles, and one way of dealing with them is by introducing online gambling to its residents. The revenues that can be generated have enormous potential, and that is one of the prime reasons […]

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    Online Poker Games Face a Threat According to CEO of Global Poker Index

    (Image credit: ReadyForZero Blog) The current chief executive of Global Poker Index and Global Poker League, Alexandre Dreyfus, believes that online poker games are threatened by other gaming options available to users online. He is specifically referring to popular online fantasy card game Hearthstone and other online video games that millions of players go to […]

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    Macau Casino Tables May Become a Problem for Melco Entertainment

    Image credit: Melco Entertainment Macau is currently in the process of reinvention as they aim to find new ways to battle current challenges in the economic climate. A number of casinos in the former Portuguese colony are looking at alternatives to casino gambling business, and are instead focusing on delivering more “family friendly” services. However, […]

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    Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) Appears to be Dead

    Industry insiders tell us that Restoration of America’s Wire Act can almost be forgotten. Michelle Minton is a fellow at Competitive Enterprise Institute, which serves as a non-profit public policy association dedicated towards enhancing areas of government, enterprise and freedom. In her post, titled “The Death of RAWA: A Performance for an Audience of One” […]

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    Fantasy Football Scandal Sees Firms Involved in Shady Deals

    Employees of FanDuel and DraftKings received important data allowing them to take advantage before any else could use the info – which effectively started the fantasy football scandal. When people say “insider trading” they are usually referring to illegal practices in the stock market, whereby one party can manipulate their gains by being in possession […]