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    Czech Republic Imposing Raise on Gambling Tax

    Following the announcement in September regarding alterations on the previously proposed tax raise on lottery, sports betting and slots by the Czech Republic coalition government, their lower house lawmakers gave the initial approval to increase taxes as much as 8% on gambling winnings on October 27. Lottery and sports betting winnings will experience a gambling […]

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    New Slot App for Your Apple Watch Ready for Real Gambling

    Have you ever been waiting for the bus and thought how amazing it would be, if you just were able to play slots on your Apple Watch without even having to get your phone out of your pocket and start winning money? Do you have to wait too long again for your pumpkin spiced latte […]

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    2016 Could be the Year for Sports Betting in Canada

    Virtually all territories across Europe have a legalized and regulated framework when it comes to sports betting. It brings in millions upon millions in revenues each year, while also having many other beneficial economic impacts for numerous nations. The US is also looking into implementing a more widespread sport betting network having realized the potential […]

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    Bitcoin Tax Free in Europe After Court Ruling

    The popular virtual currency bitcoin becomes tax free, after the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided it should not be liable to the same tax regulations as other businesses. A statement released earlier today by the ECJ suggested the bitcoin tax free case is unique and that the virtual currency provider is “exempt from VAT […]

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    Number of Chinese Visitors in Cambodia Supposed to Triple until 2020

    During the recent Macau forum, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Asia gambling, Cambodian tourism authorities have announced to have set themselves an impressive goal. They want to increase the number of Chinese visitors in Cambodia up to 2 million until 2020 by attracting them with their huge variety of gambling options. With about 700 000 […]