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Can $1,000 per Hour Beth Shak Poker Lessons Help You to Find Mr. Right?


Single ladies, do not bother yourselves with finding your other half via dating applications anymore, leave your phone alone for a second and try the Beth Shak poker lessons.

Why? We have three+one reasons.

  • Because she is the one who says that taking part in her poker lessons will help you to find your Mr. Right.
  • Because it is expensive enough to prove to be true, the tuition fee is $1000 per hour.
  • She is the ex-wife of the big poker star Dan Shak; therefore, she might know something about how flirting can be done on the poker table.
  • You can be so lucky that Shak will show you her famous shoe collection – we are talking about 1.200 glamorous shoes – which is worth about $500,000.

If you like spending money on luxurious things besides the Beth Shak poker lessons, there is something else she offers. According to the online poker news, she has just started to launch her exclusive poker set with gold embossed cards placed in a costume designed wood box with a chip logo, which is worth $89 on the pre-order, while normal price is $129.

During the poker lessons she will teach the participants “how to win more than one ways” – as she said. It might be true if we are taking into consideration the fact that despite her limited poker skills she managed to achieve minor celebrity status among poker players.

The fortune was on her side between 2008-2013 when after participating in several poker tournaments she won more than $480,000 in live tournaments between the period mentioned.

The Beth Shak poker lessons could help you to find your right Mr, but for more details you should purchase your course and put your trust in the poker-guru.

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